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This blog is like the little corner of my mind. The subject matter is constantly changing and being filled with things that I am loving at the moment. It is filled with the pictures, quotes, songs, interviews, just things that I find interesting. I hope they interest you too:)

Je vois//J'aime//Je amour

I see//I like//I love

That's just how I, like a sushi, roll.

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A message to Kris?!
OMG! SO this is what it means!!! This just so made my day!!!
Tao’s sign language = Missing you/Thinking of you (思念)
Luhan’s orange means = A promise (承诺)
Sehun’s Apple means = Be Safe (平安)
Translation Credits: TheF1rstLight
bottom message:
AT 吴凡高的向日含: The sign language that Tao did means “Missing you”, Sehun’s Apple in his hand means “be Safe”, apart from looking cool with the orange, I also looked up the meaning and it means “A Promise” ♥ Kris do you see this? WE MISS YOU
Top message:
AT Ruki _Galaxy: The orange means “A promise”, didn’t you say that you received wind on the 16-17th that when Sehun was crying really badly he was repeating: “Gege said that he will comeback very soon”, Does that mean that Kris really promised Sehun that he will comeback to them very soon?

Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie can transform any space into a visual delight with his geometric tape designs.

I love that the kid clearly tells her ‘hit me’

Dipper and Mabel as little cute mermaids. I was inspired by finikinn's merMabel design, gosh, it's really beautiful design. These bubbles are fucking drive me craazy, ugghhh.

James scan from Love Toxic photoshoot (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
Q: If you could talk to any animal, what would it be? James: If I could talk to any animal it'd be a mosquito, then I'd ask what it's like when I kill them because I hate mosquitos, like 'Did you know I killed your family?'

141906 JAMESTAGRAM Update
He changed his bio to: I’m in a Korean band with a name that is really hard to pronounce in Korean.

She draws the lines, I draw everything in between:) @ginaatkinson

She draws the lines, I draw everything in between. :D